WildLife to Look for While Skiing in Aspen

Aspen is located in the beautiful state of Colorado, United States. It is definitely one of the most popular mountain destinations in the country all year round, but the best time to visit is definitely during the winter. The city is well-known for celebrities that like to spend the holiday here, and for its amazing nature. The mountains surrounding this place are some of the most beautiful and well-preserved in the country. One of the most beautiful things to see here during winter is the unique and beautiful animals. Aspen is famous for preserving and respecting the wild life here. We have listed some of the most beautiful and interesting animals here in order to help you know your favorite ski destination better.


Foxes are some of the most common animals found near the ski slopes and even near the houses in Aspen. They are sometimes very friendly, but it is not recommended to try to approach them in order to be safe. They are quite small in size and they often appear alone or followed by the cubs. It is definitely a wonderful moment to see a small fox family playing in the snow while you take a break from skiing.


Ground squirrels are some amazingly cute animals. They are often seen scavenging and digging after their hidden food. They are shy but sometimes you will be able to approach them to take a photo. They are quite small and hard to spot, especially in the woods. But once you see them you will definitely fall in love. They are very furry and seeing them eat is one of the most heart-melting sights in Aspen.

Larger Animals

The moose is probably the largest animal found in the mountains near Aspen. They are usually quite hard to spot and it is not recommended to approach them. The best thing to do when you see a moose is to stay still and just enjoy this unique nature show. They can sometimes be seen with their families while looking for food in the frozen snow. They are not aggressive most of the times and they are some of the most majestic animals here.

Bears are some of the most beautiful animals in this area. During winter they usually stay hidden while hibernating, but they sometimes wake up to find food. There were many occasions in which bears were spotted near dumpsters or near hotels, but they are very shy and they quickly run when they are spotted. Don’t try to approach or follow them because they may feel threatened and become aggressive.

The mountain lion is one of the hardest to spot members of the wild life here. About the size of a large dog, this member of the feline family is very tentative and it can be only spotted in some of the most quiet and secluded areas. They can sometimes be seen near the slope and they are truly beautiful.