Skiing for the beginner in Colorado

Some people may feel very intimidated and concerned about learning to ski. There really is no need because Colorado can almost be considered the ski capital of America, with most ski lodges offering ski lessons no matter what your level of experience may be. Many of the ski resorts offer opportunities and terrain that suits beginners. Note though that this is not the case for Aspen Mountain or Silverton which do not have slopes that are appropriate for beginner skiers.

When deciding on your best option you need to not only consider your budget but also the size of the resort. Do you want to be part of a lesson where there are only a few people participating, or would you prefer a smaller group or even individual one-on-one lessons? This is really something to consider first before you go ahead and reserve a room at the lodge and reserve lessons. Another good idea is to see what recommendations you can get from friends who may have taken ski lessons.

Some of the ski resorts not only offer ski lessons for beginners but they also rent out ski equipment and even sometimes outerwear. This is something you should consider as well. If you have no equipment then make sure that you find a lodge where you can not only buy lessons but also rent equipment to use when you are skiing. If you do not rent outerwear you need to be sure that you own or purchase the correct clothing. The key is to keep yourself warm and dry while out on the slopes. You need to wear waterproof clothing that will keep you well insulated against the cold. Also wearing a helmet, gloves and sunglasses or goggles is recommended. Safety has to come first if you plan on skiing. Without the proper gear you can really injure yourself badly.

To travel into the mountains in Colorado you need to drive a car or you can sometimes find a shuttle service that will take you. You may also want to consider finding a professional ski instructor. You may want to check on this when you find out about lessons at the lodge you are interested in. Check the experience level and credentials of the person who will be teaching the lessons.

January is the best time to go to Colorado to find good packages for ski lessons. You will be able to shop around and see what is offered at different resorts and for what age groups. Some resorts may offer ski lessons for children as well as adults. This is important to know, especially if you are going as a family to take ski lessons. No matter how you want to go about learning to ski, and whether it is just for you or for your family, there is sure to be a resort or ski lodge that offers a package or lessons that will suit you or your entire family. Remember that January is the month for the best deals.