How to Stay Safe While Skiing in Aspen

Skiing can be a very dangerous activity and it is important that you know how to keep yourself safe. It is crucial to pay close attention to any attainable signs when you are on a ski slope. If you see that a trail is closed, you must not go on it. The reason for a trail being closed is often that it is too dangerous. You can also expect there to be nobody around on that trail so if you do get into trouble, you will not be able to find help easily. This also holds true if you ski in areas which are outside of designated ski areas.

Stay in Designated Areas

These backcountry regions may seem exciting and fun, but keep in mind that there will not be a ski patrol and the snow itself may be unstable. It is very dangerous to ski in regions such as these where you do not really know the condition of the terrain or the snow. The other issue is that places outside of designated ski areas may not be controlled for avalanches. Backcountry areas may also have deep snows and tree wells. These areas are very dangerous because if you fall into a tree well or deep snow area then you may not be able to free yourself. This can result in you being trapped and suffocating to death.

Stay with Others & Wear the Right Clothing

It is also never a good idea to go skiing on your own. You should always ensure that you are with someone, in case of an emergency. Somebody has to be there to call for help if you have an accident.

Be sure to wear the correct clothing and gear when skiing. Always wear a helmet. In Aspen, teenagers and children under 17 years are required to wear a safety helmet. If you attend any ski schools or classes in Aspen you will also be required to wear a helmet. It would be a good idea to buy and wear bright colored clothing to increase your visibility. On the ski slopes you need to be vigilant of where other skiers are so that you do not cause an accident. Also, be courteous and obey all rules which are put in place to ensure every person’s safety.

Follow the Rules

Uphilling is allowed on the mountains in Aspen, but there are specific rules that have to be followed. You should make yourself aware of all the rules before going out onto the slopes. Be sure that if you and your party stop, you do so out of the way of others in a safe place to avoid collisions with other people who are skiing. You need to also make sure that you do know how to use the lifts correctly.

Keep the emergency phone numbers on you in case you need it and be aware of your skill level and limitations. Do not overextend yourself or try to ski on a challenging slope if you are just a novice skier. By following these tips and advice, you will be able to keep yourself safe while skiing at Aspen.