How to Look Stylish When Skiing

People like to look good when they are out skiing at a resort. There is usually quite a crowd of strangers there and so it is not surprising that a person wants to look stylish when hitting the slopes.

A Fun Jacket

One way to add to your style is to buy a metallic jacket. This gives your outfit a smart and elegant look. You can search for a metallic colored ski puffer jacket to wear, as it is both warm and stylish. In the past, people have chosen ski suits where the jacket and trousers match. This is not the trend now. Lately, people prefer to select separate jacket and trousers, probably because it adds flexibility to the wardrobe.

Faux-fur coats always look good when worn while you are in the snow. Not only are they nice, warm and cozy but they are also very stylish. When choosing trousers, you need to realize that they must not be too long or they will become wet and dirty from dragging in the snow. This means you should opt for tapered joggers or stirrup trousers or even slightly cropped jeans.

You could choose black trousers as these will match with any color clothing, and the color makes your overall look much smarter.

Wear Layers

It is also advisable to dress in layers. You can find stylish clothes to use for this. Layering is a good idea because it is easy to adjust your temperature by removing or putting on items of clothing. Light weight knitted clothes or heat tech clothing is recommended. Make sure your under-layers do not look like underwear if they are revealed. You could choose the Glitterati seamless merino set to wear as under layers garments, but there are other brands and styles that you can choose from. The key is to buy something that does not look like actual underwear when you take off your outer clothes.

The Right Shoes

The type of footwear to choose is also very important to consider when going to ski. Remember that snow is wet, so you need waterproof footwear. This means that sneakers (trainers) will not be a good idea because you will end up with very wet and very cold feet. Track sole boots are a good choice for footwear. Ski boots should be carefully chosen to fit your foot comfortably. The boots should provide warmth, support, traction, and should suit your style and fashion sense.

It is important to stay safe while skiing, so today most people do the sensible thing and wear a ski helmet. The problem with using it all day is that your hair looks strange when you take the helmet off. You can easily overcome this by wearing a beret, a knitted hat, a beanie or a headband. This will keep your ears and head warm and at the same time hide your funky-looking hairdo. You can find some very stylish headwear that can function to complement your outfit.