How to Amp Up Your Novelty Ski Clothing

When you are up in the mountains surrounded by snow, in the crowds of people you want to stand out. Not only is this helpful for your friends to keep track of you when you fall out of sync with each other going up the ski lift or down the slopes, but you also want to look good. The thing is when it comes to looking good skiing the same rules don’t apply for looking good out in the real world, somehow fashion lives a different life here and so those things that would be seen as outdated or tacky elsewhere somehow buy you some ski-cred here. If you want to turn heads up in the peaks of Aspen, or any ski resort for that matter, here are some top tips for making yourself known.

Go Big or Go Home

With the sheer distance that comes with the heights and lengths of ski areas, detail gets a little blurry the further you are away from it. This means that there is no room for subtlety. With most ski outfits coming in irregularly vibrant colours anyway you already have to compete with popping styles across the board, so something with a little flair just isn’t going to cut it. Make sure you pull out all the stops, and make your appearance as loud as you possibly can.

All Over Print Is Key

You want to make sure that whether people catch sight of you from the back or from the front, they are gob smacked by your outfit. All over print makes this very easy, with patterned designs that don’t stop at the seams but continue over every surface of your gear. You want to make sure you look like you came dressed in the carpet from a bowling alley, head to toe, otherwise you are going to be outshone by your competition.

Stick with a Theme

If you have a theme in mind, make sure you play into it with everything you have. There is a strange culture in ski fashion where outfits can slip into almost fancy dress style costumes without anyone turning a head. The more you look like you came from a Halloween party the less likely people are to forget you. People might not remember the patterns on your clothes but they can easily notice your theme from a distance, “There is the woman dressed as a green cat” or “There is that guy who is a walking American flag”, that kind of thing.

Get in a Group for Maximum Effect

In the same way that matching costumes just have extra appeal having multiples of your crazy clothing will help here too. Whether you want to pair up with a friend or partner, or design a group theme so that everyone can individually shine while all sporting the group look, power in numbers is real. This is also a great way to keep big groups accounted for, its a lot easier to keep a bunch of neon wolves together than just a bunch of regularly dressed folk.