Celebrities That Ski in Aspen

Aspen is known as one of the most beautiful and posh places for the winter vacation. Endless slopes and amazing landscapes recommend this place for a successful trip. Another thing that made this place famous is the large number of celebrities that come here to relax. You can see many of your favorite movie starts or musicians sipping a tea at the apres ski or fighting with the slopes. Many hotels from this area even mention in their description the celebrities that regularly come to their place. We have listed some of the celebrities that choose to spend their winter holiday in Aspen.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is one of the celebrities that love Aspen the most. She can be spotted during Christmas time on the streets of this city hand in hand with her husband. When she doesn’t go out for a glass of wine with the loved one she can be seen on the slopes in amazing ski suits.

Ariana Grande is also a fan of this place. While she is rarely seen on the slopes, she definitely attracts our eyes with her cute winter clothes. She like spending time here with her friends and family. She like going to the local restaurants in the evening and it is often seen shopping for gifts.

Paris Hilton is one of the starts that has a long history of coming here for the winter holidays. She is known by the locals and press for her posh outfits and she definitely likes skiing with her friends. The place has a special place in her heart because here she was proposed by her boyfriend. She considers Aspen one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the worlds.

Rita Ora in Aspen

Rita Ora likes spending time in Aspen especially around New Year’s Eve. She was seen here last year just days before the celebration. She is very friendly with the locals and she stated that Aspen is one of her favorite winter destinations. She can be easily spotted in town thanks to her amazing outfits.

Nina Dobrev is one of the celebrities that likes skiing very much. She is easily spotted on the slopes thanks to her colorful outfits. She stated that she loves the winter landscape and slopes here in Aspen. She likes going out in the evening to relax in one of the poshest restaurants here.

Gigi Hadid is another fashionable celebrity that likes spending time here. She is a very sporty personality and like skiing a lot. She enjoys the winter holidays with her family and friends and stated that Aspen is one of her favorite places to go. Her Instagram account is full of pictures of the beautiful model enjoying her time in Aspen.

Jack Nicholson likes taking over the slopes every year here in Aspen. He is renowned for his talent as an actor and between filming scenes he likes spending time in this amazing winter resort. He is also a great fan of the local restaurants. All of these celebrities hang around in Aspen and so should you!