Best Places to Ski in Aspen

The town of Aspen, Colorado, prides itself as one of the best skiing towns in the country. Aspen hosts four of the leading skiing resorts you find. With its breathtaking mountain slopes, extensive cross-country trails, and world-class terrain parks; Aspen is the ultimate skiing destination for beginners and the professionals alike. The resorts in the town are located not far from one another, making it easier for holidaymakers to explore and partake in an array of adventures. The top four resorts: Aspen Highlands, Snowmass, Buttermilk and Aspen Mountain, sit on over 4,993 acres of sloppy mountainous terrain. The good thing is that the resorts mentioned earlier are owned by the same proprietor, therefore, if you pay for the pass, you will get access to all four. Your choice will hinge on the challenge you will seek.

The Aspen Mountain

The Aspen Mountain, also known as the Ajax, has the most extensive skiing history of the four resorts. It’s a place for skiing pros and those in the intermediate level. Aspen Mountain offers no beginner trails besides being the lesser of the four. Nonetheless, it provides steep slopes and a great experience, more so for the intermediate skill level skiers. Additionally, the resort’s infrastructure is well-developed and very spacious making it ideal for a getaway.

The Aspen Highlands

The Aspen Highlands, the second largest resort of the four, offers trails for all levels of skiers but is best known for its expert level trails. The Highland Bowl is just the place you can’t miss out on when you visit this resort. Littered with excellent trails and steep slopes of up to 48 degrees, visitors are assured of a one of a kind skiing experience.

The Buttermilk

The Buttermilk Ski Area is considered most favourable for beginners and family skiing resort in the Aspen. Sitting on roughly 470 acres and covered with about 44 trails over a vertical drop of 690 meters, the Buttermilk resort is suitable for kids. Moreover, it houses facilities that rent out snowboards and skis and restaurant, making it an ideal destination for family skiing holidays.

Snowmass Ski Resort

Snowmass Ski Resort is the larger of the four resorts in the Aspen Mountains covering approximately 3,100 acres of trail areas. Snowmass boasts in having the longest vertical descent in the country running up to roughly 1,343 meters. Snowmass caters for skiers of all levels, and I dare say that it’s the best resort to visit of the four in Aspen. Furthermore, this resort has contemporary facilities, therefore, making it ideal for family vacations and expert skiers alike. There are lots of places you can tour in Aspen. However, the above resorts will leave an indelible mark on your life. Skiing in these sites is an experience like no other. Better yet, the proximity of the resorts ensures a tourist pass obtained from any of the four, earns you entry into all four giving you a chance for an incredible exploration and adventure.