Aspen for the Non-Skier

One of the most beautiful places for a ski vacation is Aspen, Colorado. Amazing slopes and beautiful landscapes make this place perfect for every sport lover. But there are many people that don’t know how to ski or simply don’t like this sport. Aspen is the place that offers activities for everybody. Besides the role as an amazing ski resort, it offers a multitude of other fun activities that can be done by anybody, no matter the age. We have listed some of the best activities you can enjoy in Aspen without having to put skis on your feet.


Aspen is a place that can be visited all year round and offers activities dedicated to every season. One of the most popular is hiking. Being a mountain area, you can find a multitude of hiking and trailing places that will take you to hidden places. Even in winter, there are many trails that can be easily accessed. Rio Grande Trail offers an easy paved road that will take you through the amazing landscapes of this region. At the end of the trail is a cozy tavern where you can have lunch after the long trail.

Besides trailing and hiking, you can also enjoy riding your bike. There are many special roads through the woods surrounding Aspen that can be accessed by bike. During the winter most of them are closed but during the summer the multitude of options will definitely please you. The roads have different levels of difficulty so there are suitable even for a family activity. Shopping is an activity you can do no matter the season. Aspen is renowned for the multitude of shops and boutiques. You will find many souvenir shops and many more. If you are looking for a relaxing shopping vacation in an amazing place, Aspen is perfect for you. Most of the shops are located in the close proximity of the city center so you don’t need a car or any means of transportation to get to them.

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Aspen offers an amazing recreation center that is perfect for family activities. You will find ice-skating, sledding and rock climbing. Besides these, you will also find an indoor pool where you can relax while watching the kids play. This is a very good place for the non-skier. You can enjoy your vacation without feeling that you are being left aside.

Alpine tubing is a very popular family activity here in Aspen. It is perfect for all ages and guarantees a lot of fun. There are also special classes for children that want to learn more. This is a good spot throughout the day and it is definitely a truly unique activity.

If you love animals and like taking care of them, Aspen Animal Shelter has a perfect activity for you. You can take one of the dogs found here for a walk without any cost. The shelter appreciates any help in the socializing process of these dogs. If you like helping animals and find yourself in Aspen as a non-skier, this is the perfect activity for you.